“There’s the part of the audition process that directors and producers dread: choosing from a cadre of mediocre auditioners. This is the blow to the ego when a production team has to settle with the best of the worst. I’ve had the great fortune of being able to recently work with the best of the best.

Working with Mr. Meadows proved to be a positive professional experience. Not only does he demonstrate talent, dedication and adaptability required to accomplish duties, he has also the key element that separates him from many other performers: preparation. I’ve directed Mr. Meadows in a large theatrical play, consisting of over fifty cast members and crew. He had provided a very thoughtful audition in which I was able to take him out of his comfort zone and into a range he had not yet fully explored on stage. This willingness to try and make it work to the best of his ability greatly impressed me.

After having selected Mr. Meadows for the part of the alcoholic and whimsical father Mr. Jenkins in the stage play “The Witches”, Mr. Meadows was fully vested in wanting to explore deeper into a role that could have been a throwaway role. Instead, he chose to try different characterizations, body language, accents and interactions with other actors. The end product is a stand-out performance with a memorable character. The audience connected with Mr. Meadows’ performance as his character became an eagerly anticipated aspect of the play. Mr. Meadows understands the endgame of acting: a solid performance. The power of actor’s choice can make or break a character’s relationship with the audience. Therefore Mr. Meadows’ tenacious forward-thinking allows him to study the basic elements of his choices with a sharp attention detail, and fine tune them as the production process continues.

Mr. Meadows’ preparation in working to fulfill the vision of the director is one of the keenest I’ve ever experienced. He takes full ownership of his responsibilities as an actor: is never late, learns all his lines early, always exuded professionalism towards the production team and his cast mates, respects the production process, and most importantly, makes no excuses for things that he can control. Mr. Meadows has demonstrated that once selected for a role, albeit a title character or a minor one, he will approach that opportunity with the professionalism, enthusiasm and preparation to make the whole production succeed. While others may be stumbling over their lines several weeks into the production, Mr. Meadows’ preparation allows him to fully work with the director, without being bound with script in hand.

Outside of theater, Mr. Meadows is a great friend, confidant, co-thinker and problem solver. He has a good ability to see the bigger picture when others may fixate microcosmically on little issues. I am inspired by his continual drive to improve himself: taking classes, continually auditioning, modeling, taking on varied and challenging roles. He is a clear example to me of a self-actualized individual who understands the value of perseverance. By willingly taking on projects that challenge the whole of his being, Mr. Meadows gets better and wiser not only as an actor, but also as an inspirational leader and friend.

Any other actor can have equatable looks, talent and abilities as Mr. Meadows. But he will always stand out for his preparation, ownership and tenacity. At the end of the day, the director has the big picture in his head; Mr. Meadows is that kind of actor who will enhance and elevate the final product by working to polish a solid performance, and that is a gift any director could ask for.

In the vision of a director, Mr. Meadows understands the role of an actor as the director’s tool. He is an instrument to paint this picture on the canvas. But what also sets him apart is going beyond just understanding: he will fine tune his instrument. Therefore, Mr. Meadows will be a strong asset to any production, not just theatrical: television, film, broadcast, print. What he brings to the table is a complete talent package, and it will translate to all projects offered to him.

I congratulate Mr. Meadows on his career thus far, and I congratulate in advance all the directors and producers who have chosen and who will choose to work with him. Dave Meadows is truly an asset to this industry.”

-Philip Odango, Stage Producer and Director

“As a writer/director, I’ve had the opportunity to work with David on two projects. I would describe David as instinctive and a listener. He listens, not only to the director, but to the other actors in his scene.”

-Ernie Smith, Director/Producer

“It was a pleasure working with David during the rehearsal period. His concentration and dedication to his craft was very apparent as he worked. David wants more than to just deliver the line well, he wants to understand what each moment means to his character.”

-Brendan Hoyle, Director