David Meadows

David Brandon Meadows was born to Shelly and David Kenneth Meadows on January 25, 1982 in West Virginia. Unfortunately, early on in Dave’s life his father passed away leaving him to be raised by his mother, Shelly, until she remarried when Dave was 12.

After graduating from Wheeling Park High School in the summer of 2000, he decided to enlist in the military with the aspiration of becoming a Navy SEAL and Graduated from BUD/S class 245 before being sent off to SDV Team 2 in Norfolk , VA.

After serving as a SEAL for 5 years and performing multiple combat deployments, Dave was honorably discharged in 2009.  Initially Dave started  working in the business field before setting off down the road of professional acting and immediately began searching the internet for work as an actor, and for representation in the local area.

Despite a complete lack of acting experience, Dave was able to make contact with established and reputable representatives and coaches who serviced actors and other performers in and around Hampton Roads, Virginia. These industry experts were able to give Dave valuable advice and guidance so Dave set out on his own and started searching for auditions in the Norfolk area. There he chanced on an audition for a part in Closer. Initially, he didn’t have high expectations for his first audition. In fact he expected yet another rejection, but this time luck was with Dave. He nailed the audition and was cast in the role as Dan, Jude Law’s character in the film version. Realizing the opportunity he had, he decided to invite several local industry professionals to see him perform. This move landed him his first agent who helped to open the door for more projects to come.  At this time Dave also began training at “The Actor’s Place” in Virginia Beach, VA under the tutelage of Keith Flippen.  Dave credits this early and valuable training with creating not only the basis for his craft, but also his understanding of the business.

This set about  a storm of activity as Dave fought to establish himself and hone his craft.  He performed in TV shows such as -Wicked Attraction, An American Haunting and FBI criminal pursuit, multiple commercials and industrials as well as a handful of local plays.  Then 2012 kicked off with a bang for Dave. He auditioned for, and was selected to join, The Virginia Stage company for their rendition of “Death of a Salesman“and later “The Great Gatsby”.   This catapulted Dave off of the community theaters and onto the professional realm of Equity stage.  A few months later  Dave was struck with a double deal of luck. He was cast to play alongside Tom Hanks, Max Martini and Yul Vasquez in the full feature film “Captain Phillips” which was directed by Paul Greengrass (the Bourne series, Passenger 97).  This earned Dave his SAG eligibility as well as shooting him onto the radar of other Hollywood productions.  There after Dave was fortunate to be accepted into the “Michael Howard Conservatory” in NYC and later into the prestigious “The Studio/New York” Drama conservatory.  These invaluable opportunities allowed him to train along side industry professionals and under the master tutelage of faculties members from  Julilliard, Yale, RADA and Tisch drama schools.

Currently, Dave has been enjoying a wealth of auditions and bookings to included-TURN, THE ORIGINALS, VAMPIRE DIARIES, UNDER THE DOME, ARMY WIVES, BANSHEE, DROP DEAD DIVA and many more, as well as multiple feature films. When he has the spare moment to breath Dave likes to spend time with the current love of his life- his black lab, Hemi, as well as his parents and 2 sisters-both of which are currently in college.

Dave is forever grateful to those that have helped him along the way, most notably-Julie Fishell, Keith Flippen and Jayd McCarthy. Dave is best known for his intense look and dramatic depth.

Stay Tuned.

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